Easier machining of components with lots of contours

Product news - 14.04.2020

PFERD has extended its catalogue 4 product range with flexible sanding sticks for manual use

For professional users from the engine and turbine construction as well as tool and mould-making, PFERD now also offers flexible sanding sticks. They are very well suited for machining components with lots of contours, hard-to-reach areas and narrow slots. Thanks to their high flexibility, flexible sanding sticks enable an optimum adjustment to contours. They can be used on nearly all materials.

The range consists of an extensive selection of grits from 80 to 1,000, meaning that different surface qualities from rough to very fine can be succesively achieved. Flexible sanding sticks are optimally suited if only Si Cis approved for machining, for example for drive parts in the aviation industry. They are ideal for roughening, deburring, surface work and step-by-step fine grinding.

Further information and the whole product range of flexible sanding sticks can be found here.

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