News from the high-performance abrasive VICTOGRAIN

Product news - 10.03.2020

News from the high-performance abrasive VICTOGRAIN

PFERD expands the VICTOGRAIN product range in the section of fibre discs.

VICTOGRAIN is among the most effective abrasives in the world. The triangular, precision-formed abrasive grain achieves uniquely high abrasive performance. PFERD expanded the popular product group COMBICLICK fibre discs as well as fibre discs by the VICTOGRAIN type. It is well-suited for extremely aggressive grinding with an extremely long tool life and an ultimate stock removal rate on steels and hard materials.

Optimal alignment of the VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain

The triangles of abrasive grain in the VICTOGRAIN are identical in shape and size, and their cutting edges are applied to the workpiece at the optimum angle, meaning that each individual grain needs very little energy to penetrate the workpiece.

The extremely small size of the crystals within the triangle means that very sharp cutting edges are always available, whilst keeping the amount of triangular abrasive breaking off to an absolute minimum. This ensures a consistently high level of unrivalled performance with cool grinding and an extremely long tool life, as well as uniform workpiece surface roughness.

VICTOGRAIN advantages:

The user benefits from an efficient machining process with

  • fast working,
  • a long tool life,
  • less heat build-up in the workpiece, and
  • a lower power output required for the tool drive.

VICTOGRAIN tools are available as COMBICLICK fibre discs, fibre discs, COMBIDISC abrasive discs and midget fibre discs, CC-GRIND-SOLID and CC-GRIND-FLEX grinding discs in various dimensions. For more information on our innovations and highlights for 2020, please click here.

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