Best-seller in a practical box

Press release - 02.07.2021

Best-seller in a practical box

Be it among users or trading partners, small sets containing best-selling assortments are very popular – PFERD presents new sets of 3: the most popular and successful tungsten carbide burrs.

Among its new products for 2021, PFERD is presenting seven new sets of three each. ‘Because our customers asked us to combine these best-sellers in small sets on the one hand, and also because ever more trading partners want to see such sets in the tool assortments they sell in their online shops,’ explained PFERD Product Manager Thomas Plömacher.

In response, the specialist for work on surfaces from Oberbergisch Marienheide is offering three sets with different dimensions of the Micro cut. ‘The cut is used for fine stock removal and very fine cleaning work,’ said Plömacher. ‘Above all, for corrections in tool and mould construction or sharpening cutting tools.’ Users highly value the high surface quality, low wear, and unchanging geometry of the tools in comparison to grinding points.

PFERD are also issuing a new set in the well-known and very popular 3 PLUS cut. It contains the most common burr forms: ZYA, WRC, and RBF.

The PFERD product manager is particularly happy about the three new sets with the ALLROUND cut: ‘The ALLROUND cut is one of our latest cuts but at the same time it’s one of the most successful because it is so versatile.’ It can be used on steel, cast steel, stainless steel (INOX), cast iron or non-ferrous metals. The cuts achieve significantly higher stock removal rates than conventional, cross cut burrs and their excellent stock removal performance on key materials translates into savings of both money and time. In use, they impress with less vibrations and noise. ‘These sets will further accelerate the successful spread of the ALLROUND cut,’ predicted Thomas Plömacher confidently.

Overall he is pleased that with the sets, PFERD has been able to fulfil a longheld wish of both end users and trading partners. After all, not only the tools inside, ‘but the boxes as well are important for the products. The target groups need containers in which the tools are optimally cared for yet can be safely packaged and shipped.’

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