Composite brushes are efficient problem solvers

Product news - 26.03.2020

Composite brushes are efficient problem solvers

Industrial brush applications are more and more often carried out stationarily in manufacturing facilities. This offers the advantage that workpieces can be produced and finished on the same machine. As a result, there are no additional set-up times, labour-intensive manual work is reduced and reproducible results are achieved with short cycle times. PFERD offers a comprehensive and efficient line of composite brushes especially for these kinds of applications. They are suitable for a variety of applications and their variable clamping options mean that they can be used on many different drive systems.

Advantages thanks to special manufacturing method

The manufacturing method is what distinguishes composite brushes from conventional brushes because it allows a higher filament density and an even distribution of the filament material. This results in a longer tool life, more aggressiveness and reproducible deburring results. Furthermore, the brushes run smoothly and generate little vibration, reducing the load on manufacturing facilities and protecting the worker’s performance when used manually.

Wide product range for various applications

Composite brushes from PFERD are available with a large number of filament types and configurations. The standard type of composite brushes is suitable for tasks requiring aggressive brushing behaviour. The FLEX type is more flexible than the standard type due to its longer trim length on wheel brushes and the special arrangement of the filament on composite disc brushes, and it is particularly well suited to work on irregular surfaces. For efficient use, numerous application parameters such as the processing time and feed rate must be coordinated with each other and the suitable brush must be selected.

Get to know the comprehensive range of Composite brushes for the industrial and automated use.

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