High-capacity burrs

Press release - 03.03.2020

Technologically and economically speaking, the best solution for any material and any application – tungsten carbide burrs from PFERD for high-performance applications.

PFERD tungsten carbide burrs for high-performance applications feature high stock removal rates and long tool life. Above all, the range of cuts offers individual benefits for processing the relevant material. This makes PFERD burrs for high-performance applications highly functional, economical solutions for processing steel, INOX, aluminium, and non-ferrous metals, cast materials, titanium, and plastics. The cuts of the same name have been specially designed and developed in consideration of the stock removal properties of various materials.

Alongside material-specific TC burrs, PFERD provides high-performance solutions for the most common applications in the field of manual milling: the ALLROUND cut for multi-faceted use with the most popular materials (steel and cast steel, stainless steel (INOX), non-ferrous metals, and cast iron), for example. Its innovative cut exceeds the stock removal rate of conventional cross-cut burrs in steel processing by up to 30%.

Other specialists for popular applications are the extremely impact-resistant TOUGH and TOUGH-S cuts; the EDGE cut, which was specially developed for defined work on edges; and the MICRO cut for finishing.

PFERD provides high-performance burrs with outstanding properties for any material and the most popular applications.


PFERDERGONOMICS recommends burrs for high-performance applications that support working comfortably with significantly reduced vibration and less noise.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends burrs for high-performance applications that involve working with low levels of fatigue whilst saving resources and achieving perfect results as quickly as possible.

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