Innovations, highlights and a world première

Company news - 04.03.2020

Innovations, highlights and a world première

Ultrafast cutting, the perfect cut, maximum stock removal rate and the quickest tool change – PFERD guarantees the wow factor.

During the Innovation Days, PFERD presents its innovations and new products in detail on all online channels. Alongside the world’s first manual cutting system NITOCUT for a peripheral speed of 100 m/s, PFERD presents further products for safe, effective and economic working.

The perfect tool for every application

This includes the thin cut-off wheels from PFERD. They impress through fast, thin cuts with minimized burr formation, optimum tool life and efficiency with unrivalled cutting convenience. PFERD offers thin cut-off wheels in many different types and, therefore, the perfect tool solution for every application. They are perfect for professional users by being ergonomically optimized, efficient and designed to the highest level of safety.

Maximum stock removal rate

Besides the innovations in the area of cutting, PFERD presents its comprehensive range of Tungsten carbide burrs for high-performance applications. They guarantee an optimum stock removal rate, high aggressiveness and good guidance. TC burrs for high-performance applications are distinguished by their material or application-specific design and impress through time savings and high economic value when compared to conventional burrs. PFERD also offers many cuts, including the ALLROUND cut for versatile use, with high-quality HICOAT coating. Discover our stock removal experts here.

Just one Click

Another highlight of the PFERD Innovation Days are tools with X-LOCK holder. The X-LOCK quick-change system for angle grinders enables quick and comfortable tool changes. The range includes a comprehensive tool selection from the product sections cut-off wheels, POLIFAN flap discs, Industrial power brushes, grinding wheels and POLIVLIES flap discs.

You can find videos, images, technical data and convincing wow factors at Innovation Days 2020 or use the social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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