Lasts longer and doesn’t stick

Press release - 09.09.2020

Lasts longer and doesn’t stick

Improved economy and functionality – HICOAT coating prevents wear and material adhesion

Milling work such as deburring, levelling, milling out cut-outs or preparations and reworking weld seams involves highly productive processes. There are a wide range of tools optimized to the specific materials and applications. Nevertheless, when machining steel or stainless steel (INOX) premature wear or – for long chipping and lubricating materials such as soft aluminium alloys – clogging of the tool impairs the efficiency and functionality of burrs.

“Coatings provide a remedy for this”, explains Thomas Plömacher, product manager responsible for burrs at PFERD Tools, a manufacturer of tools for work on surfaces and for cutting.

PFERD utilizes wear protection based on a thin-film coating. “This enables us to achieve a significant increase in tool performance”, Plömacher says. Although the coatings are just a few thousandths of a millimetre thick, they are harder than steel. “These thin film coatings are ideal because of their extreme wear resistance, low friction and chemical resistance”, the PFERD product manager explains. The optimum coating depends primarily on the purpose.

“On burrs for steel or stainless steel (INOX), for example, our HICOAT FEP coating gives a high surface hardness and wear resistance. It improves chip removal and anti-adhesion characteristics, increases temperature resistance and tool life and also allows higher cutting speeds”, Thomas Plömacher says.

All in all, this leads to an improvement in performance of up to 30 %. “That is why we are now offering our material-specific optimized cuts for steel (STEEL) and stainless steel (INOX), as well as our ALLROUND cut featuring our wellknown HC-FEP HICOAT coating.”

For long-chipping and lubricating materials such as aluminium other coating properties are most effective. “Here the primary aim is to prevent clogging of the burr”, Plömacher tells us. “In many cases, tools do not even get to the stage where they start to wear because the chip spaces get clogged during machining and the burr no longer works.” The Marienheid-based manufacturer also offers coated solutions to deal with this issue. “We use the HC-NFE coating optimized for non-ferrous metals”, the product manager explains. “It improves the anti-adhesion characteristics, reduces the heat load, ensures effective chip removal and thus prevents clogging of the burr, which leads to a longer tool life overall and maximises the stock removal rate.”

The new PFERD tungsten carbide burrs are also optimized in terms of ergonomics and efficiency. PFERDERGONOMICS recommends burrs with STEEL, INOX and ALLROUND cuts as an innovative tool solution for convenient working with significantly reduced vibrations and less noise. PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends burrs with the STEEL, INOX, ALLROUND and ALU cuts for long, low-fatigue and resource-saving work with perfect results in short times.

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