New in the PFERD range: Pneumatic drums

Product news - 07.04.2020

PFERD offers an inflatable grinding drum with a diameter of 90 x 100 mm as well as suitable abrasive belts for applications from aggressive grinding to fine grinding and also for polishing.

Rubber tube offers advantages for work on surfaces

Pneumatic grinding drums are suitable for short belts, non-woven belts and polishing belts with a width of 100 mm and a length of 282 mm. The rubber tube of the grinding drum yields under higher contact pressure, which is why the abrasive, non-woven and polishing belt adapts very well to the surface to be machined and the contact area increases. The pressure of the rubber tube can be changed at will via the valve. With higher pressure in the tube, the contact surface decreases and the grinding becomes more aggressive. When the pressure in the rubber tube is reduced, the contact surface becomes larger and the grinding is smoother.

Suitable grinding belts for many applications

PFERD offers a comprehensive range of grinding belts especially suited for pneumatic grinding drums. Together, they achieve high economic efficiency thanks to their high performance and long tool life. They have a high tear strength with optimum flexibility which makes them ideal for applications like structuring, polishing and step-by-step fine grinding.

Learn more about our pneumatic grinding drum and the perfectly adjusted range of grinding belts now.

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