Seven first places in a row

Press release - 07.04.2021

For the seventh time in a row, the Central Association of the Hardware Trade (ZHH) honors PFERD as „Partner of the Retail“ in the category „Abrasives and Grinding“ PFERD Managing Director Sales and Marketing, Jörg Hesse, is pleased with the continued trust of dealers.

Seven first places in a row - that‘s quite something, summed up ZHH President Dr. Paul Kellerwessel when he presented the certificate for „Partner of the Retail“ in the „Abrasives and Grinding“ category to PFERD CSO Jörg Hesse. „Such a string of awards is very, very rare, even in this election.“

The ZHH chairman particularly highlighted PFERD‘s innovative spirit and data and digitalization quality; two categories in which the Marienheide-based manufacturer of tools for surface finishing and cutting materials again achieved top scores in the voting. „These are the areas that most concern us in the retail trade at the moment. That makes it all the more important to know that partners like PFERD are at your side, providing new impetus and support here time and again.“

PFERD Managing Director Jörg Hesse was enthusiastic about the continuing support of the trade: „The Corona Year 2020 in particular has shown us all that long-standing, trusting relationships with one another can survive even such crises. Apparently, our efforts to be there for our trade partners even during this time and to support them in this difficult phase have been noticed and appreciated.“

Jörg Hesse repeated the promise he made to the specialist trade at the previous award ceremony: „We will continue to do everything we can to master the digital transformation together with our trade partners.“ PFERD will follow this path consistently, the PFERD CSO said, „as long as the dealers certify to us in this way that our joint measures are successful and forward-looking. We thank the German retail trade for the trust they have placed in us.“

The AKW (Tools Council) in the ZHH conducted the retail trade‘s partner selection for the 21st time in the categories of hand tools, precision tools, factory equipment, fastening technology, occupational safety, abrasives/grinding, measuring tools and chemical products.

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