Surprised faces all round during testing

Press release - 06.06.2024

Surprised faces all round during testing

Making noise, high levels of vibration and incorrect rotational speeds things of the past – PFERD is presenting the RCK drive system and offering a new dimension of ergonomics, efficiency and productivity.

“Let us take a listen.” This is something the PFERD developers often hear during tests and product demonstrations of the new RCK drive solution, as customers want to check whether the RCK lives up to its promise that it can significantly reduce noise pollution in practice. They are all the more surprised when the PFERD developers reply that the drive is already switched on and running.

Tobias Zipperer, segment head for tool drives at the family-run business, based in Marienheide, states: “Users are looking for drives which are optimally suited to their applications and have light, quiet and powerful operation. The previous drive solutions do not meet all requirements to customers’ complete satisfaction.” Although the micro motor system from PFERD already on the market meets many of these demands, it does not completely meet customers’ expectations in terms of performance. Demand for more efficient drives has also come about due to increasing energy costs.

“Combining improved ergonomics and increased productivity in one drive previously seemed like an impossibility,” states Zipperer. “Up until now, as our RCK drive solution picks up where markets want to and have to realize potential for improvement.” Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it represents improvements in the areas of efficiency, ergonomics, safety and user-friendliness. The RCK drive system is as light as an air grinder, but with variable and stable rotational speed – and therefore offers solutions for numerous complex applications. It represents an investment in ergonomic working conditions and therefore in the work result.

The system consists of a control device with various handpieces and therefore offers the ideal drive for a wide range of applications. The system can be operated both with a powerful 50.4-V battery and with a power supply unit, which enables quick changing between stationary and mobile operation.

The rotational speed can be optimally adjusted to the individual applications, meaning the users can configure their personal parameters for the specific requirements.

PFERD has registered RCK for patent approval. Developers at PFERD confirm that the already extensive range is being expanded further – never losing sight of the aim of creating additional (quiet) elements of surprise for customers.

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